Things that I am gonna do after SPM…

  • Hybernation… maybe for a week 🙂
  • Clear all the revision books… and I would like to sell it half price, anyone interested??? Tell me later…
  • Read all the novels that I’ve bought and freeze in my cupboard long time ago
  • Party!!!
  • Fly back to KL!!!!!!
  • Shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Take a part time job…
  • Play violin with full passionate…
  • Popularize my blogshop…
  • Write my novels… Which I’ve planned for long time…
  • Give private tuition… Geography ( F1 – F3 ), Science ( F1 – F3 ), Sejarah ( F1 – F5 ), Mathematics ( F1 – F5 ), Physics ( F4 & F5 ) & Chemistry ( F4 & F5 ). If interested, add me in Facebook… Haha, after my SPM… Which will be in this crawling-like-tortoise-month-of-December…
  • Save some money to go China for holiday… And if I have some extra money, I will go Redang and Sabah!!!
  • Haha, why don’t hook a guy to love… This is joking… Not funny…

Some of these will be carried out if I don’t get the Australian’s Scholarship which require me to leave on January next year.


10 thoughts on “Things that I am gonna do after SPM…

  1. hi..
    it’s me .
    long time no see ..
    hope u will still remember me ,
    ur loyal novel’s fan..(bt i have no credit 2 read..T_T)
    i know u will be very busy this year ..
    this year is ur SPM..
    mine is nx year ..
    bt this year,
    i have 2 catch up with all new sub..
    learn many things that i din knw.
    bt i still dont have the mood to study ..
    i don knw why ..

    i still fooling around,
    reading novel,
    playing computer,
    watching tv,
    and sleeppp!

    my exam is around the corner,
    i am scared,
    i knw i have to study,
    bt i jz dont want 2 ..

    sry for disturbing u…
    write so long bt ALL nothing ..
    if u read it,
    i would like 2 say thank you..

    i jz read your wordpress,
    is nice,short and ext ..
    i like ur style..
    and how u express ur feeling …

    i also impress that u actually cn stop urself frm reading novels..(by locking them…)
    i will never do so ..
    even i locked it ,
    after few days,
    i will still unlock it and read ,obviously ..

    after spm finish,
    u cn do anything freely…
    i am so so envious u…

    bt i hope that day dont come so fast ..
    cause i have to b independence..
    i dont wan nx year come so fast oso..
    i will have to struggling with the thick books…
    and the time i like the most is when after pmr ..
    it is so relaxing….

    bt i have 2 face the truth…
    it decide my future,
    i have to study hard 2 gt good results..

    i still nid sum time to adapt to it..
    to all sub,
    and my feeling ..

    i wish u cn gt straight A+ for u spm ..
    and gt the australian’s scolarship….

    it is late now,
    going 2 sleep now ,
    nitez ..

  2. Hehe… You are the first one who leave me a comment here… Miss you so much… How are you??? Ya, I can understand why you don’t hope your Form 5 Year to come… It’s so stressful… But if you think it the other way… It’s a year which i can attain my dream… It will definitely be a wonderful memory… In my life…

    1. now,
      i am totallyy agree with the phrase u had written,

      which is ,

      ‘the year which i cn attain my dream and it will definitely be a wonderful memory in my life …’

      i cnt sleep(as my midyear exam is next week )..
      and kept thinking
      abt my future, my dream…..

      bt without effort ,
      hw can i sucess?

      i should make my life interesting and not wasted ..
      i will nt regret in future

      i hope tat it’s still not too late for me to realize the meaning. ..

  3. miss you 2 ..
    i am find..
    i hope i cn think like that so..
    the year i cn attain my dream ..
    bt the way,
    what is ur ambition?
    may i knw?

  4. i see..
    actually,i thought u wan to b a doctor…
    bt lawyer is a good occupation 2..
    u can b a well-known lawyer and also an amateur author..
    u cn express ur inner feeling into the novel ..
    whenever u r sad or happy …

    and i will b ur loyal reader…

    may i knw y u wan 2 b a lawyer?
    is ok if u dun want 2 tell me the reasons ..
    i jz curious ..

    u r having ur mid-year exam rite ?
    good luck…
    hope u score good results..
    ….10 A+….

  5. Ermm… I like equality… I like everything to be fair… I like facts… I like to talk… I like to debate when i feel something’s wrong… I want to be different

    1. IS GOOD.
      because u dare 2 be different ..
      unlike me ..
      dont dare to speak out my opinion ..
      i felt myself a loser ….
      haiz …..
      i m realy glad that i have a friend like u ……….
      u are a person who very optimistic and enjoy,work hard for your life …
      we r completly different..
      i envious u so much..
      u knw?
      u r inteligent,cheerful,have a good social …
      have good friends …(ext)
      haha …

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