My self


(PS: For your information, I was chosen for the Kelantan BRATs’ camp last year but because of my SPM trial was round the corner, I gave up the offer. Anyway, I wish I shall get the chance to join Brats this year!!!)

Hola, soy April Yap! Right now, I am going to weave a narrative about “Myself”, and please, it’s not the standard-one-type-of “Myself” that by norm, they will start off with:

“Err…Good morning, my name is XXX…”

My given name is Yap Chu Zhen, and my Christian name is April. Perhaps you will be wondering that maybe I was born in the month of April so I was named April. But, No! I am a Scorpio, I was born in 12th of November, 1993. The reason that I named April is because when I was still in my mother’s womb, my mum Wendy loved to eat apples. And with the sudden inspiration that struck my father, he wanted to name me Apple. But, my mother did not like such an ordinary name, and then, she cracked her head and ultimately, the name “April” was popped up in her mind. Then, this is me, April Yap.

Presently, I am schooling in Inti International College Penang. I take up the Cambridge A’ Levels programme in Inti with the 4 core subjects, namely Chemistry, Mathematics, Economics and Business Study. I was formerly a CGLian. Huh? What is that??? I was from Convent Green Lane(CGL)!!!

Next, please do let me introduce to you about my successful achievements!(Showing off) I was a prestigious member of the Form 5 first class, 5 Arif which was called the “Class of Rock Stars” and I always scored in between the top 5-10 position in every exam. I was the senior prefect of my school. I held the position of the Secretary of Squash Club, the Auditor of Science & Math Society, the Morning Representative of String Ensemble. In the year of 2008, which was my PMR year, I scored straight As’! *Smile* Since young till now, the subject I love the most is English. I am afraid that I do not have a flair of words, but somehow I still own my passion in English. Last year, I studied diligently most of the days for the chance of attaining straight A+ in my SPM. (I wish I could.) And then, I am going to apply for a scholarship to study overseas. My biggest dream is to study Law in Hong Kong. I was offered a partial scholarship from Tuart College Australia last year but somehow I did not go to Australia.

I do have a closely-knit family which comprise of my hefty dad, Danny, my lean mum, Wendy, and of course my sister, Joey. And yeah, we are KL people! My grands, who are in their old age, my aunts, uncles, cousins they are all staying in KL. And in this very moment, all I wanted to say aloud is “I love all of you!”

I am not a very beauteous but passable young girl, and I am flamboyant about myself. I am a sometimes-bubbly-sometimes-moody person. I am addicted to pop culture stuffs and oh god, I cannot live without FASHION! I am unfazed by pressure but so sorry, I love to sleep… When it is time, I would rather sleep than continue doing my work. I am writing a romance in a few China websites and I signed a contract with 蔷薇书院 for my second novel. I have an online blogshop which sells all my creative handmade accessories (HANDMADE). Advertisement: Please do visit “猫猫DIY时尚” in Facebook!

I shall stop here or else more and more inspiration is coming! Thank you for reading about myself and I hope to be one of the BRATs!!!


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