When the memories went riot…

Do you know how is the feeling of tearing your unhealed wound by your own hands? You see the blood, you feel the pain, you remember how you got this wound….

When I talked to her, I thought I could be carefree and nattered about it without any feeling…. Or perhaps a tinge of sadness….

But when the memories went riot, you know it well you wouldn’t be able to resist the flow of those brutal feelings….

It is so sarcastic that I tore my wound by myself….

Many thoughts flashed before my eyes, and one of it was the moment that IS really really so unforgettable….

I woke up that morning with tremendous headache, I was pale and unkempt, and I stared at my phone blankly…. My heart was falling apart at the seams…. I knew it well, that was the first and continuous morning that I will never ever have any wishes from you anymore…. I sat there wordless and expressionless…. And perhaps soul-less….

I still feel the pain…. Now and then….

How are you? How is your SAT? Do you take care yourself? Don’t fall sick….


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