It was not a good day in the morning. The grey clouds blotted out the eye of heaven. Chilly wind blew from nowhere and ruffled my hair. I raised my chin to stare at the grey sky. Scarlett did not like rainny days. They were those days when she could not go out of the stable and have fun.

 Slowly and gently I stroked the white hair of my little pony, Scarlett. I lifted a smile because I knew she would be beautiful when she grew up. She was snow-white and had a pair of hazel gaze. She was the pure-bred of the Thoroughbred. I had her two years ago.  She was a gift from the God. I loved her.

That year, in one of the winter days, I was awakened to see the newborn. The little pony was in a pool of blood when I reached the stable. Apparently, I fainted at that moment. Okay, it was not wrong to be afraid of blood. Then, she was there. So tiny and so weak and she could not walk.

And the saddest part was her mother died after giving birth to her…. She was alone and I could feel her helplessness at that time….

I loved her from the moment I saw her. Her hazel eyes showed me the glint of help the moment I stepped in to check on her. And I had the sudden urge to own her, forever.  I took up the responsibility to milk her to croon her and to be her mother. With no other reason but I loved her.

I named her Scarlett. I did not know why. Perhaps it was because she was full of blood at the very first time I saw her? Or perhaps I just loved this name? I did not know….

The winter ended and it meant that my holidays ended as well. It was time for me to get back to my country to continue my studies. And it was time for me to say Goodbye to Scarlett. I begged my Daddy to bring her home together. But she was too young and too weak that time. I would have to wait until she was old enough to travel from Germany to Malaysia, across half the earth by herself. And it was impossible.

Scarlett whinnied beside me, drew me back from my deep thoughts. I smiled and kissed her. “Are you scared?”

She neighed again. I took it as a No.

“My baby, we will be the champion tomorrow. No worries. I love you.” I whispered into her ears.

20th March, The Turf Club Equestrian Championship…. It was just a night’s time till the day I lost Scarlett forever.

It was a sunny day, with the clear blue sky and the sun so radiant. I waited for my turn together with Scarlett in the stable. From here I could hear people cheering high and low. It would be a wonderful day, definitely.

“For the next Show Jumping competitor, April Yap and her little pony, Scarlett….”

I took a deep breath, and I looked at Scarlett. She was tall, slim and classy. My little white princess. “My love, let’s begin!” I gave her a flambuoyant flash of smile and I mounted on her. And off we went. The crowd continued to grew and the cheering was non-stop.

Show-jumping, I had to study the position of the jumpers and memorise it and lead Scarlett to jump, without missing one of it.

And there it went, Scarlett was excellent. We gained the loudest applause from the audience. And I had the confident that the Champion would be for my Scarlett.

Then, it was all ended when a horse which was lost of control rushed to us with full strength. That moment I was frozen. I could not think of anything. Scarlett whinnied loudly and she started to run. I clinged to her tightly so that I would not fall. The mad horse was still chasing us from behind. And I felt scared.

It was just a split second when Scarlett threw me onto a mattress. My head and my hand hit on hard. Before I fainted, I saw Scarlett ran and ran and ran. And the mad horse chased after her. And then Scarlett stopped at the corner and the mad horse raised its fore-leggs and kicked Scarlett.

And the picture went dark….

I woke up in the hospital. My head was pounding. My left hand hurt. My mummy was beside me and she gave a sigh of relieve when I looked at her.

“Scarlett! How’s she?”

You know, things happen fast. And sometimes you won’t have enough time to give it a response.

“She was hurt badly, and the vat is waiting for your permission to put her to death….”

My tears was like a broken dam, it flowed the moment I saw my Scarlett lying on the floor. Blood strained her pearl white hair. I did not faint. Blood was nothing compared to my pain in heart. My shaky hands touched her lightly. She opened her eyes to look at me. Her hazel eyes were weary and teary.

“I love you…. I always do….” I said for the last time to her and I kissed her. She neighed weakly. And I poked the needle to where her heart was, I injected the devil fluid, with my own hands.

I put her to death with my own hands, I ended her life on my own.

She closed her eyes and she left me. 

Scarlett, she loved me till the last second. She protected me from danger and risked her life for me. She was everything and also my love.

“Scarlett, I have brought you home…. See, this is where you were born…. And I want you to stay here….”

The wind came and I held out my hand, and her ashes danced together with the wind.

“I love you….”


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