Innocent – Taylor Swift



Daddy was right. I am such a badass. To me, everything I can handle on my own. Because I am independent. And I expect the same thing from you.

But I actually forget, that people are different.

Maybe you have tried to prove yourself, but we never notice. Maybe you don’t want to be that way, but we never know.

I am sorry.

You are a good girl. I always know that. No matter what, you are still my sister. My childhood dearest person in my life.

Forgive me please…. That I said such bad thing to you….

I don’t hate you, you know?

Can I say, I am blinded all the time by my success? I know how you feel when you were compared against me. But I never care. Instead, I look down on you.

I wish things were different between us.

Do you remember when we were young, we always played the role of teacher and student? We always talked? We always played around with those beautiful clothes?

I am sorry that I am getting better and better in my life, but I leave you behind chasing after me. And I never bother to turn around and look at you. I never bother to give you my hand and help you.

I am sorry darling.


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