The Rain…

I saw a post from my friend in Facebook, it said:

1. Go to YouTube.
2. Search Kiss the Rain by Yiruma.
3. Then open a new tab.
4. Go to YouTube again.
5. Then search Rainy Mood.
6. Then play them together.

(Play the Rainy Mood first, which I recommend.)

The moment I heard the music from the piano, I know I am in love with it. Both videos have “Rain” the word, and that’s why I call it “The Rain”.

So, tell me, when you hear this, how do you feel? What are you thinking?

I actually don’t know what was I thinking. I think I was just purely enjoying the music and the sound of the rain.

I used to love Lavender, but after watching this video, I am in love with Sunflowers as well. Looking at those bright yellow flowers which always face the sun, I thought of “Hope”. Don’t ask me why. Sometimes, I don’t even know why my mind will come up with something that even myself feels weird.

And you know what?

My mind wants to say this.

“I am sorry that my heart rejects you to come close. Because I cannot afford another heart break. So let’s just keep some distance and let me feel better.”

Can you tell me, why do I think of this?

If you have an answer, let me know.


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