Darling’s Birthday….

The very first thing that has to be said, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 

Qi’s birthday was on the 16th, but because of me, we made it on the 17th. It was a Tuesday, and I have a one hour class in the morning and another one hour in the afternoon. Well, I couldn’t get up for the Statistics class at first. But because of the “hardness” of the subject and the “stupidity” of me, I got up. 

I went for the classes. Halfway up the stairs, Blake called me and threw me a BOMB that made me raised my voice and said “WHAT THE” in the public. She cancelled the class AGAIN, and I only knew it the moment I was already in college. One word, WHAT THE FISH.

I was planning to let Qi come to college fetch me after my class. So, changes happened. And in the end, still another Qi fetched me. Hahahaha…. Went there, was planning to study some math. But apparently, the two sui po downstairs couldn’t let me to do so, and I couldn’t do so. Why? I turned on her PC and started pranking. And the two sui po downstairs, spammed music until so loud.

Oh ya, I think I should share out what did I prank her.

I changed her profile picture to a muscle man with big hard boobs. And I changed her sex to a male. And then, I posted so many “Yong Sui” to her fiends. HAHAHAHAHA…. Okay, fine, it was fair and square because I couldn’t find my phone and the two sui po pranked me back.

I went down and sang together with them. Then, because I knew I couldn’t eat much later during the BBQ, so I chose to skip my lunch. But the two sui po are too fat. They couldn’t skip one meal. We went out on the hot day. A really sizzling hot day. And when we were at Sunshine, there was no parking for us. So the two sui po asked me to stanby and move the car if necessary. I was really so unlucky that day when a woman with a child or somebody, wanted to move her car which was blocked by our car. Oh wow, I was so scared!!! But I moved it in front ’cause I know how to drive!

Then, we went home again, ate, watched movie, bathed and made-up. Then, waited until Sui Po Ying came, we started our Happy Journey. GURNEY!

We went for shopping first. Went to bookstores, me and sui po Lei bought a clock. Oh, I didn’t know why was I so freaking stupid, bought a clock from a bookstore. WHICH IS SO MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE. So regret. Then, when I was thinking what to buy for the two boys, (Seriously, I have big problem in thinking what to buy for a guy that he won’t say “Gay”) then a random guy whom I have no idea who the hell he is, came to my side and asked me suddenly, “Can we be friends?” 

Oh well, I was shocked until I opened my mouth, the words failed on me. Hahahahahahaha…. I said “Ahh, okay.” Then, a few more seconds later, I ran away. Oh I am sorry, but you were too random and I don’t know you. 

Okay, the funniest part is still the BBQ part. We went there and Sui Po Ying was like a good mother, cooked for me. T.T I love you. I mean, your crispy ham. HAHAHAHAHA. Okay, we joked a lot there. And I guess, those people there were looking at us? Oh, I know I am pretty. Shy.

Then what did we do ha? I think we went for shopping again and until my Dad called, so we went home.

Happy day with three of you. I never fail to laugh hard whenever I am with you all.











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