I wonder why….

I wanted to save money by eating some cheap food. To me, Mcd was the wisest choice as I would be full and it only cost me less than 10 bucks. But when friend said, ” Why not we eat ….?” And I was like, ” Okay… I am fine with anything….” 

I regretted. To the fullest of my stomach. I regretted. That the food was so awful and cost more than my budget.

I like the pink nail polish from The Face Shop, when I finally got the chance to take a closer look at it, I considered myself, should I really get it? Then when mum said “let’s go”, I went off with her. 

And then I regretted. Even till now I still regret for not getting it at the moment.

I want to eat Haagen Daaz yesterday. The Valentine’s Day…. Well, it doesn’t matter on which day, but I just want it. When I saw his face, I told myself, it would be a wise choice to choose some other thing. But not Haagen Daaz. So we went for other thing else.

Same old thing, I came home, I regretted.

So he promised me that today I can get it. You know, unexpected things always happens at the wrong time. I blamed him, scolded him and angry that what did I do that I deserve this. And then, he came. And he gave me that asshole face. That I forced him to come over to satisfy all my wants. So I told myself again, it would be wise to choose not to go for Haagen Daaz.

You know what I wanna speak of?


Fuck everything for trying to be a good girlfriend, a good friend and a good daughter.

Because in the end, all the things I want will not be mine.

I really wonder why did I let go of my decision at that moment.


Well, I still regret. But what can I do?


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