I will have faith in us….

Baby, you know what?

I forgot to say a “congrats” to you for being accepted in one of the US university. You are one step closer to your dream. 

I was overwhelmed by the blunt thought that you are leaving me, soon. I totally forgot that I should be proud of you and be supportive for your achievement. 

I am sorry. I only care about myself. I am sorry.

Baby, after what we have been through, I am happy that till today we are still holding on.

And, I wanna tell you, yeah, it is for sure, I will be sad over your absence sometimes, I will be sad that you will be so far away from me sometimes, but please, whenever I wanna let go, please hold me tighter.

Promise me you will love me like how you’d always do. Promise me you will find a way for me to see you again. Promise me you will arrange your time and spend some time with me.

And keeps on reminding me, how much you love me.

Because, I wanna be your supporter. I will work my very best to feel proud that you are going there to study and come back as a successful graduate.  I will try my very best to stay happy and not always sad about you not being at my side. I will have faith in us. I will wait for you until one day we can be together under the same piece of the sky again.

Baby, I wanna marry you. So please stay safe and healthy. Enjoy your study life there. And come back fast. 

I love you…. 



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