She tried to chat me up, but I just replied with one word answer. And she said ‘you are so cool’.

I just smiled and didn’t bother to explain anything or try to be friendly again.

The first thing is, I don’t really care how others think of me. Why should I? I will get myself in hurt. So I don’t give a fuck. And I won’t explain. How you picture me, is your business. How you wanna spread around I am that kind of people you think, it just shows how shallow you can be. While me? I am still living good. No harm.

The second thing is, I don’t feel like socializing. Even though I am trying very hard to be nice. But I still feel, I am safer in my own world. I don’t mean that people will hurt me. It is just I don’t wanna get too close with anyone. I just want to be alone. With myself.

So just let me be.


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