It was the first time I saw the Fatty Bom Bom lied under the morning sun and did sun bathing. Wanted to take a shot but when he saw I appeared at the door he thought I had food for him. So he immediately rose up and came over. So it means, no shot. Typical Fatty Bom Bom. -.-

Thought that it would rain, so I went outside and helped my aunt to keep the dry clothes into the house.

I saw those plants had so much wild grass. Since it was overcast, and light breezes that made the weather rather cooling, I squatted down and plucked the wild grass. Fatty Bom Bom came over and pushed my back cause he wanted me to play with him, but I shove him away.

The moment I plucked one of the very big wild grass, a grasshopper hopped to somewhere on the wall. Well, I screamed and there was a lady who was wearing a sunglasses she was stunned when I screamed.

I just ‘heh heh’ at her. -.-

I like the smell of the grass, so fresh…. And so relaxing….

Today, I am happy. Cause I don’t need big things that I want only then I will smile. Little things in life, put a curve onto my lips.

Baby girl, you are doing good!

You know why? Even though you are disappointed by the reality, you choose to speak in a way that won’t hurt anyone, not just only care about you own self.

I like it the way you think carefully before you speak.

Good girl!


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