Happy Birthday, Oi Oi

She always Oi me and I always Oi her back.

Two bitches, indeed.

It is your birthday, though you are in UK, but luckily you are not alone!

But wait for me. We shall celebrate again! Cannot PPK me. If not, you will have to chia me eat lobster in that restaurant in London which I have forgotten the name.

Never in my life, I could imagine that you will be so important to me. And I won’t say anything to make you leave me nor I would turn around first.

Bitch, can I make a wish too? Stay by my side for as long as you can. I don’t need you to treat me back the same way, I just want you to stay. Don’t keep secrets inside like I always do, and turn away abruptly without saying any word. And I shall promise you, you are important to me, I won’t be the one who leave first. Not anymore. Because from now on, I want to stay.

I hate you bitch. Happy birthday.


Well actually, I love you….


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