I am here. Immigration office. We didn’t know the way to here actually, stopped by and asked an uncle.

The police was very unfriendly. As always.

It is stuffy, and hot and full of people.

I wanna go home.

Met Wen Sheng. I knew it well she definitely will ask me about my boyfriend.

I thought I will lie. But well, I didn’t.

When I said ohh we broke up. Got a few seconds, I felt breathless. I thought I would have a hard time going through this.

But no, I didn’t.

It won’t be too harsh for me. For too long. Cause I am facing it bravely.


And this is me, I am still breathing.

Just one day, I will find somebody, when we quarrel, I will sing him the song ‘Peace – OAR’….

I want love, I want you, I want me, I want us, I want peace…. So kiss me goodnight….

When again baby girl is immature and do something that hurt you again, tell me. We will solve it out together….

John said you have been through a lot. Yes, I have been through really a lot….





Not just about love, not just about being 幸福…. I promise myself to be a better person.

因为很简单的小幸福,是让每一个遇见我的人都变得更好。I wanna be so happy that when people see me they feel happy too.

The first thing is, don’t choose friends. Everybody will be my friends. And treating everybody honestly with kind heart.

I came home with good appetite. I love it.

I am a happy girl today!



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