Bobby I love you….

He made the crying ‘wuu wuu’ when he saw me. He didn’t hug me or kiss me, but sniffed me all over in search for food.


My cousin said to me, when I was gone, he would come into the house and looked into my aunt’s room where I used to be.

And the next day, when I came back, he followed me into the house cause it was sizzling hot. I was tidying the winter clothing I bought. After a while, he appeared at the door and I pat his head and told him ‘I’m busy right now, just go and get the fan.’ When I finally stepped out from the room, he was lying outside the room.

Baby, are you afraid of me leaving you again so you were there?

And today, when I was gardening, he came to my side once in a while, and then went inside the house, then when he heard me singing, he came out and checked out on me again.

I know, but I am not leaving you. Not now.



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