8th September, it was 中秋节 and my mama’s birthday.

I don’t wake up early. But she woke me up and jio me go out gai gai….

I bought Cellnique mask for her, a worthy try out.



And specially sang many prayers for her.

I applied for my univeristy’s buddy programme. And I requested for a male buddy. Khai Wei thought I wanna Kao the boy whom I don’t even know. Shi Jie WOWED when I told him I made such decision.

Hahaha…. I’m sorry. But, I’m tired of women. I’m too tired of troubles.

Whenever Au Yang tried to reach out to tell me what he thought about, I would run away. I realise. He realizes too. But when he told me, guys are very simple. And he is simple. I know, all from Kepong primary one, ngehehe! Good quality genes!

And when Kang Kang texted me, I really really start to wonder at myself. In the end, I have more guy friends. Guy friends who I won’t be afraid of being too relax and tell them what I wanna say. And not to be too afraid that in the end, I will be hurt.


And when I said he is Yong Sui Sui, Angmo zha bo doesn’t want him. He will never get angry at me.


So what?

Long ago, I knew that, I don’t need many friends to show how popular I am, I don’t ever care. Actually. Just the few ones I’m close with, and I already have half the world.

So, smile!

Mama, happy birthday!



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