1. A Bohemian or pink and white lacey style picnic with all my besties
  2. Visit Iceland during winter and watch Aurora with Adrian
  3. Put on contact lens and eye makeup without having any eye infection or inflammation  Nailed it
  4. Dance spontaneously with Adrian when “Photograph” is played
  5. Watch a concert with Adrian so he could carry me on his shoulders cause I’m short
  6. Do more charity work
  7. Do more exercise
  8. Get an internship at a law firm  Got it
  9. Buy a Starbucks tumbler
  10. Leave no regrets everyday….
  11. Celebrate birthday with Adrian
  12. Adopt a dog or kitty
  13. Save lots of money and spend on COSMETICS & SKINCARE in KOREA or JAPAN or TAIWAN with Adrian so that he would carry all my bags
  14. Make lots of good food for Adrian

I love Adrian.



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